Seven Lakes

Seven lakes is a community in Stanwood Washington. The largest and most popular of the lakes is Lake Goodwin. It is 535 acres and has 5.4 miles of Shoreline. Some of the largest and most expensive homes are located along these shores. The Seven Lakes area holds some of the most sought after lake front properties in Washington State.

The lakes include Lake Goodwin, Lake Shoecraft, lake Ki, Lake Martha, Lake Howard, Crabapple Lake, and Lake Howard.

All the lakes are located North of 140th Street NW up to Lakewood Rd (with Lake Martha just to the north of Lakewood Rd) West of 10th DR NW over to the beautiful Puget Sound (Port Susan specifically)

Seven Lakes real estate is not only breathtaking, but limited. If you are interested in buying or selling in the Seven Lakes area, please contact our team today!

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